Ahmed Mourad is an Egyptian author and screenwriter of fiction and non-fiction. Contents Another two significant works worth mention are the novel,, published in and The Land of God (Arabic: أرض الإله), published in Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. , Ahmed Mourad Source: Goodreads. His fourth novel, , The novel’s events take place in ; the Egyptian Revolution.

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Then the novel was made into a TV show during the month of Ramadan of titled: Augmented reality, robots and reincarnation will wow you enough, and that is the bate that Mourad first throws for you to catch until you are officially hooked. It is a world of cold emotions where social relations are technologized enough to create ahed distances between humans.

Only the brave, curious, and daring would walk down the road not-taken, and best-selling author Ahmed Mourad, we can safely say, has been all three.

Mourad was initially going to write it as a novel before he decided to make it as a theatrical film.

Ahmed Mourad’s Latest Egyptian Saga

Ahmed Mourad on IMDb. It follows a photographer in a high-class Cairo nightclub who witnesses his friend murdered in a fight between young rival businessmen.

But you do know that a reopening is most certainly inevitable. The Blue Elephant Source: Until a mourqd murder occurs that changed his entire life.


If you think that sexism is the only thought-provoking aspect of the novel, wait and read more! The outcome is a number of well-calculated political, societal and humanitarian assumptions that prove that this reputable novelist has done his homework.

5 books by this Egyptian author as ranked on Goodreads

The speedy departure from reality, sanity and everything we hold as truth grants Mourad enough space to play with our minds. Boycotting Israel in Lebanon. Haqqi, the last person to have seen him before his death, wrote that in a meeting in Istanbul he once offered to buy Kira a new pair of shoes, but the offer was turned down.

Ahmed Saad The speedy departure from reality, sanity and everything we hold as truth grants Mourad enough space to play with our minds. A romance starts as Kira begins recruiting potential activists for the Black Hand.

Villains successfully smear the reputations of noble men who have fought for freedom and justice, friends turn mourav each other, the hero finds himself alone and alienated, and the masses are happy with a fake victory, refusing to believe that they could have decided their own destiny. Egypt, Germany and the maintenance of the modern world.

HoweverThe film was published on June 25, across Egypt to a mixed critical reception from audiences and critics alike. Dawlat, meanwhile, falls dangerously in love with Gen, while her brother Yassin is forcefully dragged from his village to build the Suez Canal and kill Turks in favor of the British. In this novel, Mourad tackles corruption within different social classes in an intriguing way that captures the reader’s mind.


But Mourad, we will have you know that we are no deer in the amhed you constructed, or any jungle for that matter!

Please help by mouraad reliable sources. Land of God Source: Do you approve of the ranking of the list? Later, it was made into a theatrical movie, The Blue Elephant Arabic: Initially, the cover image of a sad woman in her 20s with runny mascara staring diabolically into her own reflection seems to signal an engaging thriller, in which the numbers turn out to be a secret code to unravel a mystery or solve a crime.

The love/hate relationship with Ahmed Mourad’s “Deer-hunting season”

The novel won the Mediterranean award in from Italy. Mourad’s breakthrough novel, The Blue Elephant Arabic: The novel was translated into 3 languages by different publishing houses, in It’s an exciting journey, explored in a deep and strange way in the caches of the human soul.

Views Read Edit View history. Trying to deceive pain. A tense thriller that reveals contemporary Egypt and Cairo’s seedy nightlife.