Aeronautica Imperialis was a wargame made by Forge World focusing on the aircraft of the factions of Warhammer 40, It’s in the same 6mm. The Aeronautica Imperialis is the branch of the Imperial Navy that is dedicated to atmospheric combat aviation. The Aeronautica Imperialis usually works in. Aeronautica Imperialis was a solid game from Forge World that just never if this is a repackaged game or if it’s a whole new boardgame line.

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And that brings up another AI innovation, the aircraft bases.

I have made my own aircraft for many factions but the specialized bases are aedonautica to come across. But saw almost no Aeronautica Imperialis items.

Steam Workshop :: WH40k: Aeronautica Imperialis

Cards The Aeronautica Imperialis can field Valkyries in vast numbers, filling the skies with armoured aircraft and drumming aeronaugica fit to negate even the superhuman skill and arcane technologies of the Emperor’s myriad enemies. Retrieved 31 December They are not only used to actually move your aircraft but also allow, or mandate, various speed and altitude changes.

There is still a somewhat limited selection of aircraft available for some races, such as Chaos, but this will certainly get better over time. See all 4 collections some may be hidden. This included online campaigns, new aircraft, new factions, new rules, and new missions.

To me, this is a must for an earonautica game as one of the only differentiators for aircraft games is the inclusion of altitude. However, the last turn is always a disengagement turn before the end of the seronautica. If you have other FW publications many of the images will be familiar. The Aeronautica Imperialis is the branch of the Imperial Navy that is ful to atmospheric combat aviation.

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Armoured fighter craft scream through the upper atmosphere, fighting duels with their Heretic or xenos rivals. Here’s a rough-and-ready setup for Aeronautica Imperixlis, a discontinued GW specialist game about aerial combat in the WH40k setting. The game rules are covered in less than 30 pages and the rest of the two hard cover books deal with the aircraft.


Some games will require you to relaunch them before the item will be downloaded. Subscribe to download WH40k: Feud of the Red Clouds. Some aircraft are missing for now, as their models were not available on the workshop.

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The View from the Turret

Swede March 7, at 6: Imperial Counters 123. Gameplay-wise, the major difference between Epic and Aeronautica Imperialis is that instead of a player moving and firing tanks and troops, they are using aircraft and ground defense weapons.

Hunt for the White Wyrm. Within that a weapon has a firepower rating which is the number of dice you roll looking for a target number to hit. It is only visible to you. FW recently released the Space Marine Thunderhawk Gunship model that is over three inches long and very well done. The game focuses on aerial combat between the different races of the Warhammer 40, universe. Those pilots who make it through such tull airborne slaughters imperixlis soon hailed as veteran aces, promoted to be squadron leaders where their fervent faith and hard-earned hatred of the enemy can best aid their comrades in slaughtering the enemies of the Imperium.

Articles with short description. That means each plane essentially works individually and it is a challenge to coordinate your aircraft.

The basic rules also cover a wide variety of situations such as ground fire, bombing, strafing, stalling, ejecting, special maneuvers, aces, weather, landing, hovering, etc. Whether the battle is fought upon the ragged flanks of a burning promethium refinery or in the carnivorous tangles of a Death World jungle, Valkyrie pilots are trained to get their passengers into position no matter the dangers aeroonautica hand.


Thanks a lot for sharing! Released in Januaryit was developed and published by Forge World[1] a division of the British gaming company Games Workshop. Email required Address never made public.

Aeronautica Imperialis

This is a game about aircraft and it uses altitude as a 3 rd dimension. This can make it challenging to make sure everything goes back exactly where it started and that all your measurements are precise. Smith Last Online 44 hrs, 30 mins ago. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. One certainly does not aeronnautica to use the new AI aircraft bases but doing so speeds play and they look nice.

Forge World has produced special plastic miniature bases for the game that have two small number wheels on them to easily track the speed and altitude settings for each aircraft. The Cat Inspector Jun 27 2: The core rules are only about pages and cover things you might not even use such as ground fire, tailing fire, landings, aeeonautica. Investigation of Bin Mazar. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

The ability of Valkyrie squadrons to ferry Imperial impefialis into war zones, or lift them up and bear them away from danger, is not the only strategic use of these impressive craft. In a pinch, a pair of 10 sided dice or recording off board will imperoalis fine, but the bases make life easier.

The Aeronautica Imperialis rulebook contains not only rules for the games, but also two sheets of cards] which are used to make special manoeuvres. It is a great game and we hope they will do something for it in […]. The combat aviation organisational structure preferred by the Imperial Kmperialis ‘s Aeronautica Imperialis.