The book Alcibiades the Schoolboy was originally written in Italian, in , and then translated into French by, perhaps, Édouard Cléder. Due to the expense of. The book Alcibiades the Schoolboy was originally written in Italian, in , and then translated into French by, perhaps, Édouard Cléder. Results 1 – 8 of 8 Alcibiades the Schoolboy by Antonio; Rawnsley, J. C. (translator) Rocco and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available.

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Rocco was, after all, a philosopher and a “sodomite” himself, and while he is willing to use irony against himself, to tweak himself and his own kind, it is against human foibles and not the arguments themselves that his criticism is levelled. As Neri also noted, this suggests that Loredano, as the source of the manuscript, had at least some role in the publication of the book, if indeed he was not the actual publisher.

This is not a description of same-sex behaviours embedded in another context, as in the case of the Satyricon, for instance, but a consistent, deliberate marshalling of arguments regarding male-male sexual behaviour, with no purpose aside from that – and that can only be the result of a consciousness and identity shared by the author and his audience. Dialogues devoted to explaining why loving boys is better than loving women go back to antiquity, and are surely far removed from claiming an identity based on an immutable orientation.

Want to Read saving…. Alcibiades the Schoolboy L’Alcibiade, fanciullo a scolaan Italian dialogue published anonymously inis a defense of homosexual sodomy anal sex loosely styled after Platonic dialogue.

Alcibiades the Schoolboy (book) – BoyWiki

Baseggio’s candidate was Ferrante Pallavicinoa political pamphleteer and alciibades residing in Venice. Or is it merely a rude jest for Carnival, as Loredano implies? Books by Antonio Rocco. If this model is applied to Western society, one finds that these three strands have varied in strength, or at least in visibility, since the late Middle Ages and early modern period. Although the attribution was accepted by bibliographers for over two centuries, that was largely for the lack of alcihiades.

Andrea Adams marked it as to-read Feb 25, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. First published in and meant at one level as a lively carnival booklet, this is, both at heart and on the surface, a well-reasoned polemic in favour of pederasty.

Patrick rated it it was ok Jan 02, Henrique Valle marked it as to-read Apr 11, No – on the contrary, she has done simply everything possible for us, both for our pleasure and for her own glorification.


Alcibiades the Schoolboy – William A. Percy

Murray has proposed a model of multiple homosexualities containing three strands, all of which may be present in any culture, but one or two of which always predominate, while the other one or two recede or disappear. At a rather higher level a presentation of the same argument, that the text is a critique of sodomy, can be found in a recent discussion of L’Alcibiade by Armando Maggi. Rocco was the most important of a tiny number of writers who dared counter the various arguments of God, law and nature which were supposed to justify this persecution.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. ReFiloscio added it Jan 20, Perhaps the instructive parallel here is with the other word used to describe the book, the noun “novel. We now reach the most vexed, and vexing question of all regarding Alcibiades the Schoolboy: Robert marked it as to-read Oct 15, Rocco, or rather Philotimes, then proceeds to show how both these things are superior to the alternatives.

News and information Boylove News Current events Community portal. Refresh and try again. Eglinton, in his introduction, maintains that is also a deadly parody of the Machiavellian doctrine of expediency.

Many will be offended by this work and its discussion and consider it a justification of child abuse—especially those lacking historical context and who cannot come to terms with human nature, Remember Traduttore traditore 7 of 10 stars, more for the discussion than the dialogue.

Lest it be supposed to be a sombre wchoolboy, the fun should be explained too.

This last was probably to have been based on the five checklists that Bradley had privately published in Rochester, TX, inand Damon’s literature lists in the Ladder beginningwhich eventually were collected in J. Two reprints of this edition, both illustrated, appeared in Brussels in the s, and it was reprinted again without illustrations in Eglinton, which had appeared in and already seen a second printing in ; the International Journal of Greek Love, the first issue of which had appeared in January,and a second and final issue of which would appear in November, ; and two other publications which, like Alcibiades, also never appeared: Retrieved from ” https: Whatever the case, he did not attach his name to this manuscript, although it is possible to see the “D.

IV We now reach the most vexed, and vexing question of all regarding Alcibiades the Schoolboy: Percy, “Alcibiades the Schoolboy. Similarly, although fully acknowledging the differences, I would suggest that on the basis of two key characteristics Alcibiades can also, by backwards extension, be “homosexual. Our edition includes the original Italian text, and a bibliographical appendix by Warren Johansson.


These are gender-structured, age-structured and more or less egalitarian or mutual relations. On the other hand, recent research such as Rocke’s statistical study of Florentine court records in his Forbidden Friendships has proven the reports of contemporary writers that most men were schooolboy with boys, and reinforced their implication that attraction to both women and boys was taken for granted whether or not acted on.

Craig Parkin added it Dec 01, Rocco’s own book remains nearly as forbidden as ever, this the only English translation published having become virtually unobtainable within a few years and the form of love it upholds newly persecuted with an intensity the mediaeval inquisition could only have dreamed of managing.

It is not known who the translator was, although it is possible it was either “J. Views Read View source View history.

Alcibiades the Schoolboy (book)

Edward Brongersma and Alex Oriani, which was to contain a translation of Brongersma’s Pedofilie, written and published under the “Brunoz” pseudonym Amsterdam: Alcibiades The Schoolboy by Antonio Rocco. This sketch is extremely global, but to the extent it might be shown to be valid in further investigation, Alcibiades is a reminder that we are not dealing with homosexuality, but with homosexualities, and that the first homosexuality to achieve the identity and subculture necessary to deserve that name was precisely the one which is today most despised, even by the dominant strand of homosexuality.

In his political writings, Pallavicino made the grave error of criticizing Pope Urban VIII and his family, the powerful Barberinis, and having made the still graver, indeed fatal mistake of travelling into territory loyal to them, he literally paid with his head inat the age of In dealing with non-Western cultures, Stephen O.

An excellent “Afterword” shedding light on the book by D.

It still remains the entry under which the book is found in many bibliographical authorities to this day.