Ameloblastic fibro-odontoma (AFO) is a benign, slow growing, expansile epithelial odontogenic tumor with odontogenic mesenchyme. Looking for online definition of ameloblastic odontoma in the Medical Dictionary? ameloblastic odontoma explanation free. What is ameloblastic odontoma?. Riddett S.A.A Composite Odontome at a Very Early Age. Brit. Dent. J., 77 (), p. Google Scholar. 2. Kemper J.W., Root to-odontoma. Amer.

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The reconstruction of the defect was done with nonvascularized corticocancellous iliac crest bone, which was taken from the contralateral side [ Figure 6 ].

Photomicrograph stained with H and E reveals the presence of dense fibrous tissue and a few odontogenic epithelial cell islands. An AFO is an immature variant of complex odontoma, as the clinical and radiographic findings are identical. Intraoral photograph showing missing permanent ameloblxstic mandibular molars and a calcified, toothlike structure protruding from the alveolar mucosa over the retromolar odontomma.

Our website uses cookies to enhance your experience. Privacy Policy Terms of Use. In our case, the permanent left mandibular molars were missing.

This website is intended for pathologists ameloblastci laboratory personnel, who understand that medical information is imperfect and must be interpreted using reasonable medical judgment. No evidence of malignancy is found.

Odonttoma the clinical and radiographic examinations, our presumptive diagnosis was complex odontoma. It occurs with equal frequency in the maxilla and the mandible and with equal frequency in males and females [ 6 ]. Ameloblastkc addition, odontogenic epithelial cells follicles are visualized with a few stellate cells suggestive of AFO.


In some studies, the term AFO represents a histological combination of ameloblastic fibroma and complex odontoma [ 1216 ]. If there is a recurrence accompanied by a change of the histological pattern toward a more unorganized fibrous stroma with displacement of the epithelial component, then more extensive treatment procedures appear to be indicated [ 19 ]. Histopathological study is mandatory in order to differentiate between these two conditions. Lesion in left side odpntoma the mandible.

On intraoral examination, a small hard tissue projecting over the posterior alveolus was present with normal surrounding mucosa.

New author database being installed, click here for details. After reflection of the periosteal layer, the expanded buccal cortex was seen.

Ameloblastic fibroodontoma, complex odontoma, mandible, odontogenic tumor. More disorganized or haphazard arrangement of pulpal tissues, enamel or dentin. J Can Dent Assoc.

International Journal of Dentistry

Oral inspection revealed good oral odontpma. Hamner III and M. An impacted third molar was present below the mass just above the inferior border [ Figure 3 ].

Please review our privacy policy. View at Odontlma Scholar L. C ase R eport An year-old female presented to our unit with the complaint of a painless swelling on the left side of the lower jaw for the last 3 years that seemed to show a progressive increase in size.

Ameloblastic odontoma | definition of ameloblastic odontoma by Medical dictionary

The mixed odontogenic tumours. Gardner syndrome familial colorectal polyposis: The connective tissue is moderately cellular, with spindle-shaped fibroblasts. Surgical site showing denticles. Our presumptive diagnosis was complex odontoma.


Ameloblastic fibroodontoma or complex odontoma: Two faces of the same coin

However, malignant transformation into ameloblastic fibrosarcoma was reported by Howell and Burkes. We report a case of an year-old female patient with missing mandibular molars on the left side associated with a giant complex odontoma. Determination of a case-dependent treatment plan may provide an optimum outcome.

The lesions are usually diagnosed during the first and second decades of life [ 4 — 6 ]. Radiographically, it appears as a well-circumscribed, expansile radiolucency that generally oodontoma solitary or multiple small radiopaque foci. The table compares Gorlin’s amelonlastic composed of his own case plus those cases reported in the earlier literature which he thought belonged in this diagnostic category with Hooker’s survey 26 cases. Gorlin syndrome, also known as nevoid basal cell carcinoma syndrome, is associated with basal cell carcinomas, odontogenic keratocysts and fibromas ovarian and heart.

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. The defect was measured to be approximately 6 cm in length. Reconstruction of the mandibular defect was done with iliac crest graft.

Board review answer 1. Postoperative antibiotics and analgesics were given for 1 week. Sign up for our Email Newsletters.