Normally, you will spend more time moving than fighting. You must use proper movement techniques to avoid contact with the enemy when you are not prepared. U.S. Army Infantry School Statement on U.S. NATIONAL POLICY CONCERNING ANTIPERSONNEL LAND MINES. Table of Contents. provide extensive information about FM ( ).

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Fear makes the pupils of your eyes enlarge, which increases your field of vision so you can detect movement more easily. The terrain will also influ- ence use of wire communications. Dig three grenade sumps, one at each end of the T.

The rush is the fastest way to move from one position to another. For example, a soldier’s T-shirt or towel may contrast with its background. Factors that affect the range of radio equipment are weather, terrain, antenna, power, and the location of the radio. THe only certainty about our national future seems to be avalanche of chaos coming to a community near you.

Fear is not shameful if it is controlled. MOPP is a flexible system of protection against chemical agents. Again focus your atten- tion on an object, but do not look directly at it. It appears it is time to “Psychologically Prepare for Violence”. They create a disease hazard where none exists naturally. If mentally prepared for it, you should be able to fight under almost any conditions.

FM Chptr 3 Movement

Sector stakes pre- vent accidental firing into friendly positions. A dressing is any sterile pad used to cover a wound.


He may be sweating when his skin feels cool and clammy. The enemy will know where the ground flare is and will be ready to fire into that srmy. United States US Army. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Speak clearly, slowly, and in natural phrases.

In such terrain, it may be best to take cover and wait for flares to burn out. Pull out one Decon 2 packet.

If you hear the firing of an aerial flare while you are moving, hit me ground behind cover if possible while the flare is rising and before it bursts and illuminates. Extend his neck by lifting with the fieldd under the neck and pushing down ifeld the forehead. If it can be hit, you can be killed, in it. When visibility is limited, control during movement may become difficult. When 21-755 on a tank, be alert for trees that may knock you off and obstacles that may cause the tank to turn suddenly.

Set it to a comfortable listening level when voice or tone is heard. The firing and moving take place at the same time. He will either tell you to run out of the impact area in a certain direction or will tell you to follow him.

That method gives both you and your buddy your own overhead cover.

If the weapon is to be fired from a two-man fighting position, make sure that the other soldier in the hole is not in the backblast area. That helps create a wall of fire fiepd the enemy must pass through. Department of the Army. For example, report ” 10 enemy infantrymen” not “a rifle squad” or “3 enemy tanks” not “an enemy tank platoon”.


They must also be able to transmit and receive the same type signal. December 24, Sold by: However, manyal cannot be sure which side the civilians are trying to help, so be careful when acting on information obtained from them. If he has an abdominal wound, lay him on his back with his head turned to the side. It contains one or two field first-aid dressings. What you are going to do. It can be set for pressure detonation or set with a tripwire attached to a release-pin ring.

TIME That which immediately follows is the time or date-time group of the message.

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That lets the assistant gunner work from the right side of the RCLR. When moving, use the low crawl, high crawl, or rush. It also reduces the tank’s maneuverability and the ability to traverse its turret.

That information becomes combat intelHgence after it is interpreted.

If there is not enough room for you on the rear deck, you may have to stand beside the turret and hold onto a hatch or hatch opening.