Discover the new models, those that remain true to the original. Variety, quality, attention to detail – these are our principles. request your items brochure. Die Auhagen GmbH, Marienberg / Sachsen, liefert Modellbahnzubehör in den Nenngrößen H0, TT und N. Dazu gehören Catalogue · Catalogue Ordering. Please follow our tip written in catalogue or at The replication of cast iron colums is very filigree, with trueto original slope to conduction of.

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With tarpaper roof and steel girder con- struction, pedestrian underpass, left lug- gage office, benches with advertising, wastebaskets, platform and train direction boards, loudspeakers, clocks and signs are included, as are a telephone callbox and waiting room, fountain and track cros- sings for two tracks.

You can use these parts to crea- te a dock for train or lorry loading.

And the opportunity to spend the evening in the hotel sitting around talking about model trains is also a treat. This model can be comple- mented with grapplers as well as damping and reinforcement rings.

New stucco auhagfn mentation in different colours has been added. An arbour is included for the terrace. The hose tower, siren and tool boards are enclosed.

These parts can include window latticework, gates, railing and similar objects. With vertical and horizontal interlock for infinite combinations.

Sitemap | Auhagen GmbH, Marienberg/Erzgebirge, Modellbahnzubehör H0 TT N

Dekoration und Blumenschalen liegen auhaven. A general signage is enclosed. Zur Gestaltung einer Szene mit Bauernhof bestens geeignet. Almost every plot of land has one.


Catalogue | Auhagen GmbH, Marienberg/Erzgebirge, Modellbahnzubehör H0 TT N

Series 80 … features almost articles that are ideal for your own unique ex- pansion of the construction sets. Perfect for designing a scene with a farmyard. Zur Komplettierung empfehlen wir unseren Art. Ex- traction systems with consoles, air pipes and air flues for window and roof, fins ventilators, blind windows, penthouse roof with wooden beams construction and window grates are included.

Suitable for the upper storey.

For more detailed information please refer to www. The three-storey house houses the bank, which is entered via a double-sided stair with landing and an ornate metal fence. Der Antrieb ist zum Schutz im Weichen- antriebskasten untergebracht.

With balcony and garages. Originalmodell Typical s small town apartment house. Die Pfeiler sind aus Beton, die Holzstruktur von der Bretterschalung ist sichtbar.

Mit sehr interes- santer Dach konstruktion und Erker. Gleismittenabstand 66 mm Originalmodell This brick structure once graced the approaches to Erfurt Central Station. Can be combined with our No. Extension on the other gable. Single-track, straight and with trackway below and main girders to the sides. The annex has working ent- rance doors. Covered entrance, balcony and garage with moveable door.

Catalogue – New items – Planning aid brochures

Auch als Eckhaus einsetzbar. Download your new items brochure. A complete street can be modelled using our 11 Edwardian-era townhouse kits. Der Kompressor hat eine andere vorbild- gerechte Bereifung als im Art. With 3 central pillars, side pillars suitable for additional extensions. Detailed, well proportioned facade catqlogue fascinating roof details. Alle Teile zum wahlweisen Bau liegen bei. Authentic historical model of the prototy- pe in Dresden-Pieschen.


The filigree handrail of body-died card- board is made by laser cut technology. Typical small town house with covered back entrance. Die Tore sind ma- nuell beweglich. Aerial, water pump and bench are included. Eine Probe dieses Vorgangs mit andersfarbigen Kunststoffteilen aus der Bastelkiste ist hilfreich.

This model can be used to depict a train or caalogue loading scene. Makes an attractive period set with our No.

Be the architect AND the builder at the same time! Dann erfolgt der exakte Schnitt an den markierten Stellen. The cellar entrance can also be attached, if desired.

For extensions, you can join multiple train platforms together or use item No.

Planning aid brochure 1

These parts are also integrated into the No. This platform equipment set is suitable for Era II on. Alle Grundbauteile sind 1: Aufbau und Umsetzung sind professionell und die Zusammenarbeit mit der Firma Auhagen ist super. An inexpensive model well-suited for street scenes for model trains and modelt rain events. Perfect for our town houses, curved and straight sidewalks, with dividing poles, advertising columns, drain cover, 2 flower baskets, selection of advertising posters.

If you want to display the gate open, place a steel ruler in the midd- le and cut the two gate wings apart from each other applying light pressure with a utility knife.