Twenty-six bivoltine silkworm (Bombyx mori L.) genotypes were tested along with two check varieties (NB 4 D 2 and SH 6) for their performance. PDF | On Feb 27, , Zafar Iqbal Buhroo and others published Rearing Performance of Some Popular Bivoltine Silkworm (Bombyx mori L.). multiplication of silkworm breeds st P4lP3lPZ leaels and maintenance of . The bivoltine silkworms produce cocoons with high raw silk recovery and bivoltine.

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What are the reasons for poor hatching of eggs? According to Allard and Bradshaw [ 29 ], performance of the strain itself in a given environment indicates its superiority. During moult since rearing bed is kept dry, fermentation of leaves is avoided and also it is possible to change the leaves after moult at farmers place.

Mulberry leaves are exclusive source of nutrition for silkworm. Does tobacco has any adverse effect on silkworm rearing? Inbreeding of hybrids to stabilize silkworm breeds which bred true is bivoltime documented [ 1216 — 26 ]. Is there any effect of starvation on larvae? There is low temperature and longer darkness during incubation.

Domestic silkmoths are closely dependent on humans for reproduction, as a result of millennia of selective breeding. Sprinkling of water to the shoots and proper preservation of shoots. If silkworms are disturbed or exposed to sudden environmental1 changes, they sometimes stop spinning, which lead to low cocoon reliability.

Good quality mulberry leaves 2. Mean filament length m observed during Spring, Summer, Autumn and Monsoon seasons. Improves the larval growth. The results of current study revealed the significant silkwworm of different seasons on yield and various traits, however, the effect of different mulberry varieties on above traits was not significant.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Keeping this in view, an attempt is made to develop silkworm hybrids tolerant to high temperature environments.

  LTV 356T PDF

Journal of Sericological Sciences of Japan. Sometimes flimsy or melted cocoons get damaged during harvesting and spoils the good cocoons also. Sprinkling of slaked lime and bleaching powder mixture surrounding the rearing house reduces the pathogen load. Eggs should be free from pathogens. What is the minimum gap required between rearings? However, though, these hybrids are tolerant to high temperature environments, they are not tolerant to many of the silkworm diseases.


It avoids secondary contamination. The final aim of the breeder is primarily to evolve a breed which can give rise to stabilized crops and secondly to improve both quantity and quality of silk [ 11 ]. The domesticated silkworm derives from Chinese rather than Japanese or Korean stock. The correlation for few traits is negative and for some it is positive [ 13 — 16 ]. Avoid over crowding of larvae in the rearing bed 6. In accordance to the current study, the traits such as larval weight, cocoon weight, shell weight, silk ratio, ERR showed positive correlation with cocoon yield Ghosh et al.

Easy to eliminate defective eggs and ensure good hatchability 4. In silico identification of lysocin biosynthetic gene cluster from Lysobacter sp. Considering these drawbacks, adoption of bivoltine sericulture became imperative and imminent considering its potentiality even under Indian biviltine conditions. In silkworms, the correlation for some characters is positive and for some is negative [ 1516 ].

As long as the inputs and package of practices are same the changing of mulberry variety will not have any adverse effect. Nutritional changes of four varieties of Mulberry leaves at infected with Fungus Cercospora moricola. Besides this, the cocoon crop stability also relies more on improving other production technologies which have to be explored.

Psyche: A Journal of Entomology

Bivkltine is believed to dispel flatulencedissolve phlegmand relieve spasms. Molecular Biology and Evolution. In China, a legend indicates the discovery of the silkworm’s silk was by an ancient empress Lei Zuthe wife of the Yellow Emperor and the daughter of XiLing-Shi. The Indian silk industry is a constant source of foreign exchange earnings and unique in producing all five types of silk varieties viz.


Females are about two to three times bulkier than males for they are carrying many eggsbut are similarly colored. Less space is required to handle moths during egg preparation. This suggests a single event of domestication, and that it happened over a short period of time, with a large number of wild worms having been collected for domestication.

Avoids use of foam pads. Eggs take about 14 days to hatch into larvae, which eat continuously. The reasons for occurrence of defective cocoons are: The results of current study revealed that the cocoon bivvoltine and economic traits viz. Normally spinning continues without pause. Effect of high temperature and low humidity in terms of cocoon crop depends on several factors that operate within and outside the body of the silkworm. View at Google Silkowrm C. Question Answer 1 What are the care to be taken during incubation and chawki rearing Following care should be taken during incubation and chawki rearings: Encarsia formosa Ladybird Parasitoid wasp.

Such bbivoltine in the manifestation of phenotypic traits of the breeds studied can be ascribed to the influence of environmental bivpltine. Silkworm breeding aims to achieve superior performances in respect of egg yield, cocoon raw silk yield, cocoon stability, and production followed by expansion to new areas besides bivoltins.