Warhammer BRETONNIA ARMY BOOK 6th Edition Fantasy WFB VG OOP Codex Warhammer Fantasy “Oldhammer” Codex Army Book – Bretonnia 7th Ed. The issue with him is that he excells at killing things Bretonnia can usually handle well (cavalry and monsters, basically: things without static. I was waiting for Brets to get an 8th ed army book so I didn’t have to rely on the 7th ed. book strategy of “shoot enemies with bowmen and trebs.

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Please enter a number less than or equal to 1. Whats more, since they are cheap you can put them in situations you would never dare placing your valuable knights, but this is where there next competitor arrives.

Not only does this double your killing potential, but reduces the chances of missing your target and if one goes down to a misfire or 7rh ambush, then you still have no.

This adds a considerable amount of protection to your units, and turns your meager human knights into unstoppable killing machines. They are expensive, fragile but very hard hitting. Refer to eBay Return policy for more details. Despite your low weapon skill, Men-at-arms are actually more than a match for many other core troops thanks to their usually high strength.

This in it self reduces the usefulness of this Virtue, as it allows the re roll of failed break tests. He MUST charge your flank, this means you are likely going to die, but who cares? Back to home page Return to top. Select t7h valid country.

Secondary targets will be things that are flammable, whilst they betonnia rare hitting a treeman or a unit of treekin with a few bretknnia arrows could land you with some easy kills helping the war effort.

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In other words, this is perfect for ensuring you get a strong assassination run, or increase the odds of getting a Heroic Killing Blow on a monster. Add to watch list Remove from watch list. Conclusion The Grail Reliquae is simply not worth the points you pay. A perfect spell to swap for Iceshard Blizard. Questing Knights are very handy when it comes to fighting the Undead thanks to their Fear and Terror rules. Finally, setting buildings ablaze. Who is online Users browsing this forum: Secondly, you have the speed bump.

Must have bretonnoa on any character who wants to take a few hits.

Knights Bretonniaa are usually the superior choice. Not a bad choice, but in most cases not as effective as the Sword of Might or something of that ilk. Men-at-arms are cheap enough that you can take a large unit for next to nothing, and they are their purely to negate the enemies steadfast, letting your knights run them down.

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Aim for a majority of knights, Bretonniw, Knights and Knights. Your ad here, right now: Tactics Grail Knights are limited by their points. Since he will be in with a unit of knights, who can take magic banners anyway you can still gain the Warbanner from his unit making this guy the best option for a BSB in my opinion. This unit is essentially a part of bretonniq Chaff. Age of Sigmar Warhammer: Dont you just hate it when your Knights of the Realm totally fluff their charge distance, and you know for a fact the enemy will come yelling and bawling next turn, destroying your now vulnerable knights?

Conclusion Knights of the Realm are a powerful force on the battlefield, but like all cavalry need support to win, whether this is via the use of more lances, or ranks of infantry.

When combined with the Cuirass of Fortune, this vow really comes into its own, and is certainly worth the investment should you have the build for it. This always makes your strength 1 higher than your opponent toughness. To aid in this, they have incredible turn one speed, being able to vanguard into position and really get on your enemies nerves.


This immediately makes our charges much more deadly than other race.

Warhammer Fantasy Lizardmen Army Book 7th Edition | eBay

There will also be an in-depth look at some simple deployment tricks for each list, helping you get one over your opponent. This great thing about this is, you can heal your wounds back with a potion, or magic and retain the save making your character very hard to shift.

They can also take Braziers That being said, they do have their advantages. Please enter a number less than or equal to 1. Conclusion Whilst the Bretonnian Lord is a powerful choice, he pales in comparison to the Prophetess.

Hitting orks and units of that nature will still land you 10 or so kills, which is also very nice. Furthermore, Damsels are more suited to the nitty gritty roles you would not put your expensive Prophetess, such as carrying Prayer Icon for a unit of Men-at-arms. Then, his Virtue kicks in, which for every wound before saves are made you gain another attack! Their other use is mass infantry slaying since they are getting more attacks per model and with the Lance formation, they are not losing attacks after the first rank which is great.

They are insanely common, and can save your rear from a difficult magic phase.

On closer inspection, the Knights Errant become extremely useful in one specific area, and that area is Monster Hunting. As it is classed as an obstacle fenceif a cannon hits your stakes, the cannonball is destroyed If you have any 7t or want more pictures feel free to ask!