EKC Series – chennai india, EKC Series – chennai, EKC Series – , general ac EKC Series – , EKC Series – , ERC Series – chennai tamil . RI8NB R INSTRUCTIONS. EKC D (B). R Type: Pt Instructions RI8NB © Danfoss 05/ EKC D. EKC B Controller with two relay outputs, extra temperature sensor and digital EN and EN , A2 Weight = g Danfoss can accept no.

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To avoid a too low setting of the setpoint, the min. The defrost temperature cannot be displayed. The digital input can be programmed to. DI input is open S Refrigeration stopped by thermostat S If the settings in the controller are to be protected with an access code you can set a numerical value between 0 and Relay output 2 can be used for dqnfoss defrost or for an alarm function.

The relay is cut out during normal operation and cuts in in alarm situations and when the controller is dead de-energised Refrigeration 2.

Communication error and timeout The alarm will not danfods active until the set time delay has been passed. Renewed cutin after defrost can be accomplished based on time or temperature. Digital input Can be used for the following functions: All the mentioned methods can be used at random — if just one them is activated a defrost will be started. RA Box type air outlet from side Medium and high temperature 012 air-cooled condensing unit scroll ZB series.


Defrosting S15 Defrost sequence. Activation can also take place via input DI defined in o If danfosx push the top button in this situation you can see the alarm report in the display. When two compressors are cut in and out the two relays will operate in opposite directions. There will be change-over to the normal time delay A03 when the temperature has dropped below the set upper alarm limit.

When you sign up to be notified, you hereby agree to receive only a one-time notification of a product re-availability. The controller is used for temperature control refrigeration appliances and cold room. Start-up After a power cut the system can be started with a defrost.

HVAC Danfoss Electronic Temperature Controller type Danfoss EKC D B for Freezer

Defrost can be accomplished with electricity or natural defrost. And for how long it at danfods has to be stopped. The individual status codes have the following meanings: The controller is used for temperature control refrigeration appliances and cold room Defrost control For front dznfoss mounting Principle: Defrosting S20 Emergency cooling S25 Manual control of outputs S32 Delay of output at start-up non The defrost temperature cannot be displayed.


China Good Quality Box type condenser Supplier. Pyskowicka 24, Zabrze in the scope necessary for drawing up and sending a reply to my message, which was sent to the administrator by the above contact form.

Push the upper button until a parameter r01 is shown 2. Refrigeration stopped because of open DI input S Lower alarm limit Here you set when the alarm for low temperature is to start.

Canfoss a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Normal display Normal display shows the temperature value from the thermostat sensor Sair. Fitting the EKC controller with a plug-in module for communication gives access to all parameters of the controller.

Danfoss Temperature controller – EKC 102

Check delivery time and costs. Copying still going on The information can be found in o65 or o66 a couple of seconds after copying has been started. For 8 and 9 the time delay is set in A27 10 Case cleaning. The time when water drips off the evaporator. Danross display shows the actual room temperature, but emc activating the keys the display changes To the set or the actual temperature of the defrost sensor.