Saltwater energy has an unlimited potential and sources and all that it needs is to be . H/T: Electric Experiments Roobert33 via: amazetify. Energy saltwater. Electric Experiments Roobert33 6 ปีที่แล้ว When the salt water loses energy, it must be filled with fresh water and salt. For the success of this. AIT Channel. Electrical conductivity with salt water Electric Experiments Roobert Free energy light bulbs Amazing with salt water & magnets – Experiment at.

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Ask Google about galvanic cell. Two insulating rubber spacers. Man there is much better combinations for metals and liquid to use comparing to these. After about 7 min the oxygen within the water is mostly used up by oxidizing the aluminum soda can.

how to make free energy from salt and water power generator l free electricity

Can I Perform without using rubber spacers as I cant find it anywhere? Most Likely this project is an Aluminum-Air battery, when the Salt-water is initially added into the container it has an abundance of air bubbles within the electrolyte. To increase the watwr it takes other copper plates and cans in parallel.

What current can give the maximum? The duration of rotation of the motor is approximately minutes. Bro can we use a step up transformer to increase the power???.

This is very interesting and opens the door to thought of future fuels possible. Please tell me that what type of salt we have to use. If you wish to greatly increase the power output of the cell use Lye or Bleach instead of Salt water, the strongly alkaline environment will oxidize the aluminum into aluminum hydroxide and generate a lot of power amps often in the process.


No, the multimeter is not necessary, It only serves pre to see the tension. A sheet of copper foil of 0. So that was the proof for saltwater conduct electricity. Simply Pour the “used up” salt water out of the container and back in to replenish the air supply. How can i increase it? An engine of a cd rom volts, to be recovered from the inside of a PC. How about using sea water?

Coca cola need to be full so that it will not float and touch the copper sheet. When the salt water loses energy, it must be filled with fresh water and salt.

I need your opinion. For the success of this experiment it is necessary to have an engine that has a low power consumption mA max and a voltage of volts of a motor of a cd rom inside the pc. It was necessary to measure the multimeter on video. Zinc chloride would pretty much have a displacement reaction with the aluminum and form a somewhat nerotoxic aluminum chloride that is certainly not kitchen safe.

Increasing more salt does not increase current. Is the coca Cola can empty or still full??? Will the Cu or Al electrodes ever deplete? It does not depend on thin copper, but if you have used the right engine, like what I wrote in the description.


how to make free energy from salt and water power generator l free electricity

I followed your video but my multimeter is showing only 0. The use of engines for toys are not suitable for this type of experiment. Better stillmake many of this cell attached to the boat base beneath sea water while sailing along In fact Aluminum – Lye batteries have been used for Torpedo batteries due to their massive power per volume ratio: Also If I want to explain whats happening in all this Is there any project file or something for it??

The salt we use in cooking or the thick one?? Rooobert33 Volt tester is set to tear test mode, when put out some volts, for testing: Is it necessary to use 2 volts motor if yes where can it be found?

Energy saltwater

Can i use this principle to fully charge a 18v battery? The purpose also of rubber is to separate those 2 metals. And can we increase the current by adding more salt?


What is something with the salt water that triggers it to have elevtricity?? This project is very easy to do!