Futaba corporation global website. Tx Modules · Options/Accessories; Downloads. Home · Downloads; Instruction Manual 14SG [ PDF: MB ]. Download. Radio Control User Manual 1 details for FCC ID AZPT14SGG made by Futaba Corporation. Document Includes User Manual User Manual 1. Radio Control User Manual 2 details for FCC ID AZPT14SGG made by Futaba Corporation. Document Includes User Manual User Manual 2.

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Subtrim setting procedure Subtrim can be set on the last page of the swash setting screen. Send it to the Futaba Service Center.

Ripmax Quantum II Spares. Helicopter Spares Axion Helicopter Spares. A short circuit across the battery terminals may cause abnormal heating, fire and mabual. Data from the receiver can be checked in your transmitter.

Those are mechanical changes that This function reverses the operation direction of must be performed by a Futaba service the sticks, switches, trimmer levers, futba knobs. Airplane Features 7 different wing types 3 different tail types 2 different rudder types Flap setting menu Differential ailerons Aileron to camber flap mixing Aileron to brake flap mixing Aileron to rudder mixing Rudder to aileron mixing Rudder to elevator mixing Camber mixing Elevator to camber mixing Camber flap to elevator mixing Snap roll mixing Airbrake mixing V-Tail mixing Ailvator Winglet Motor mixing Fuel f14sg mixing Gyro mixing Throttle curve 5-point Pitch curve 5-point Idle down.


Litespan – 36 x 20″ xmm. Page 28 – S.

RELOCATE This function secures contiguous unused slots by rearranging the registration state when sensor registration and deregistration are performed 3-way hub repeatedly manjal the unused slots are fragmented.

While we at Ripmax try to ensure the information on this website is accurate, we cannot guarantee this website is free from errors or omissions. Remove the How to charge the NiMH battery HT5FB battery and transmitter from the charger and remove the for the transmitter charger from the wall socket. Electric Scale Civilian Aircraft. With the T14SG transmitter and a conventional modes that can be used in the students transmitter. See the instructions for each specialized function for further For CCPM helicopters, be sure to read the details.

This setting reverses the actual operation This trainer system can be used in the T14SG trainer system makes it possible for the following manner; instructor to chose which channels and operation 1. In addition to each elevator side moving up and down together, each side moves in opposite directions when moving as rudders.


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T14SG Instruction Manual

With a few quick touches, it is possible perform a model selection immediately. Fibreglassing Materials Glassfibre Cloth.

Turn on the transmitter power and allow your transmitter to reach its home screen. The cursor moves to the top of page. Black Horse Aircraft Spares.


Heat Shrink Heat Shrink Sleeve. See Charging the NiCd batteries, for details. The battery state inside T14SG Attachment of the battery 1. Contents And Technical Specifications Contents and Technical Specifications Specifications and ratings are subject to change without notice. Got it, continue to print. Coverings Glosstex mqnual 27″x10m mm X 10m.

Futaba 14SG channel GHz Computer Radio System

Use a small Phillips screwdriver to adjust the 5. It is always the boost ON. The offset amount of the aileron, elevator, and flap servos can be adjusted as needed.

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