Libretto by Ranieri de’ Calzabigi Libretto by Hugo von Hofmannsthal. I Capuleti e i Montecchi, Tragedia lirica in due atti e quattro parti. I Capuleti e i Montecchi (The Capulets and the Montagues) This concert He was to use an existing libretto by Felice Romani, the greatest librettist of the day. Pria che le porte s’apran all’orde loro atroci, sui Capuleti indomiti Verona Prende Ezzelino istesso all’ire nostre parte, e de’ Montecchi sostenitor si svela.

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Women do appear in the scenes, but they are voiceless; Bellini did not write a single note for them. Nought else I saw or knew, But thou wert dead, and here I came, alas! Ignoto a tutti, Poiche fanciul partia, vago Romeo Di terra in terra, ed in Verona istessa Ardi piu volte penetrare ignoto. Modern day productions have been mounted fairly frequently, with performances of 27 productions given or to be given in 24 cities since 1 January and forward into A non sperato bene Si prepari quell’ alma.

Through all mv veins I feel A tremor and a freezing: Romeo enters in disguise and tells Lorenzo, who immediately recognises him, that he is awaiting the support of his soldiers, one thousand of whom are assembled dressed as Ghibelines and who are intent on preventing the wedding.

Sarah Heltzel makes a very handsome young man, ardent and sleek, and handy with a rapier. Wishes opposed to mine Juliet has not. Hapless and sorrowful Thou see’st me languish, hastening Towards the tomb: Wretched as thyself, and loathing: Her eyes motnecchi closed for ever, She never more will wake.


Duce ne viene Montecchhi Ghibellini il piu abborrito, e reo II piu riero.

A room, in Capu let’s house. Ne a me lo guidi? Pari in Verona abbian seggio i Montecchi, e fia Giulietta sposa a Romeo. Were my father to surprise thee! Giulietta, O mia Giulietta, ove sei tu? Giulietta immediately grasps the potion and drinks it. To find out more, visit our cookies policy and our privacy policy. I’ll go to him — some one approaches — Unfortunate obstacle! Both overwhelmed with grief, Romeo and Tebaldo disengage. Quale novella insidia Empio tenia vi ordir?

Yes ; embrace me. Peace, dost thou sav I Cap.

File:Vincenzo Bellini – I Capuleti e i Montecchi – titlepage of the libretto – Venice 1830.png

Vieni, io ti sprezzo, e sfido Teco i seguaci tuoi ; Tu bramerai tra noi L’ alpi frappoete, e il mar. At least thou feelest not remorse: I wished to die near thee. I love her — moontecchi, I love her, and still more Than the sun that capuleit around me; In her I live, and placed in her Are all my heart’s best joys.

If Romeo thy son did slay, ‘Twas in battle that he met his fate ; Destiny alone thou shouldest reproach.

Juliet awaking, and Romeo. AIL Soldiers and cavaliers already Do the city throng. Views View Edit History. Con quale ardor t’attendo, e inganno il mio desir! V amo, ah P amo, e mi e piu cara, Piu del sol che mi rischiara ; E riposta, e viva in lei Ogni gioja monrecchi mio cor.

I Capuleti e i Montecchi: A Bel Canto Rarity | Houston Press

A night of joy, and better fortune. Romeo in dbito Guelfo, e Lorenzo.

Wounded, perchance lifeless, Is fallen mv dear love. He brings fire to the “War, War” chants shades of Norma’s Druidssizzles slowly during the love duets, delivers a sterling “Funeral Fapuleti with standout support from sopranos Traci Davis and mezzo Patricia Bernstein as nuns whose musical line floats ethereally above the male chorus, and then heats up the pathos for the Tomb Scene.


As envoy for the Montagues, Romeo is dignified in “Se Romeo t’uccise un figlio,” where he laments killing Capulet’s son in battle, then bursts into a searing cabaletta where he vows revenge when his marriage proposal is rebuffed by his enemy. Princeton University Press, p.

This is the spot. The Montecchi enter to protect him and, in a concerted finale involving all from both factions, the lovers are separated by their family members, finally proclaiming: To thv room return. Chi lo verso respira. This version is dark, terrifying, and bleak. This work is in the public domain in the United States because it was published or registered with the U.

Act I, Scene 2: Non temer ; tuoi dubbi acqueta ; La vedrai serena e lieta, Quando te del suo germano Stringa al sen vendicator. Such is, O cruel fate, The nuptial bed thou hast prepared for us. Di Tebaldo in traccia Corra qualcuno, e di Lorenzo i passi Sp’iate voi; sospetto omai mi e desso Ne uscir, ne altrui parlar gli sia concesso. Apre un uscio segreto e n’esce Romeo. Ella si allontana tremante. Nella vicina rocca Da’ suoi sorpresa, da Ezzelino soccorso Sperar ei puote.