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Honestly, I think one of the biggest flaws of this story is the length. They are sex-obsessed assholes whose inner commentary kisisng from slut-shaming to victim-blaming to just plain gross. Kelsey and Isaac are sure to make you laugh out loud or wish you were smack dab in the middle of their steamy kissing scene. I already know I will not be able to do this book justice.

Barnholdy is supposed to be th Well, I’m kind of Sep 29, Tabitha Lovely Books Blog rated it really liked it. She gets a note in class from Penn, the ex-baseball star turned bad boy with the heart-melting smile and their love story takes off.

Through to You

Penn goes through major character changes. Despite all of this, I tried. I was hoping Barnholdt would be a substitute for Elizabeth Scott to me in the Chick lit department but if all her books are like this, I think I might pass.

The resolution is as quick as five pages, and it turns out nothing actually mattered. I definitely recommend this book to romance lovers.

There’s not much of a background story with her, and while Barnholdt does give us a bit of depth in relation to Harper’s dreams of being a choreographer, it’s not enough to set her up as a fully, developed character. This was not explained in the end. He talks about how women are just bad drivers like it’s a fact. The whole activity became a circus and they found themselves being called to the principal’s office once again.


Honestly, I relate to Harper a lot – we’re like, the same person. I’m sorry, but how am I supposed to become invested in that? It should, since it’s a contemporary novel, but the fact that I could relate so well to Harper and Penn and their relationship is incredible. Aug 25, Abbie rated it really liked it Shelves: I wanted to know the whole aftermath and what really went down.

The At The Party series is a little monotonous to me. Brynn has so funny trying to steal Aaron’s bike and I loved how Josh went along with it. Sastraprawira rated it really liked it Shelves: Here’s where things get confusing for me, and I do not want to spoil anything for anyone, so I will try my best.

So by the end, I wasn’t exactly happy that I had stuck it out to find out what had happened.

The complications start when they finally kiss and Penn reacts like a dumb guy and blows her off for 2 weeks. Mon avis sur le blog: None of this story is even remotely romantic.

After the other 3 books, it was just cute, funny, and random. Refresh and try again. Jul 11, Joanna rated it really liked it Shelves: The story keeps you hooked and there are perspectives from both Kelsey and Isaac which make the book more fun to read. He just wanted to wallow.


Et Chloe est tout aussi marante.

Kissing Perfect (At the Party, #4) by Lauren Barnholdt

Penn and Harper would be happy and having fun, then Penn would put up a wall and a fight would begin. I thought that was really cool because you got the whole entire story that way.

Les couvertures et moi! What little character development we are given occurs hastily within the final one or two pages of the novel and is undoubtedly too little, too late. Chloe to me, had more depth and character than any of the others, and I wish I knew how her story ended. Sometimes I wish more authors would right like this but then that would take away the unique quality of it.

I noticed the even though the two characters are male and female, they still have similar characteristics. I don’t mind an ending left a little open for you to decide for yourself which way the characters go but this felt almost as if parts of the plot were left unresolved.

Jun 14, Vanessa rated it it was ok. Differing pasts, differing ideals, yet drawn together anyway.

The whole story was established around one lie and the misunderstandings of the two kind of stuck up teens. Harper is in love.

I want to know what the administration decided. I wanted to have a face-to-face conversation with Kelsey to snap her out of it.