Klucel™ LF Pharma, SDS · TDS*. Klucel™ M CS, Klucel™ M CS has excellent film-forming properties and thickens non-aqueous systems and provide lubricious. Klucel hydroxypropylcellulose (HPC) provides a remarkable set of physical properties for tablet binding, modified release, and film coating. This unique polymer. Klucel hydroxypropylcellulose (HPC) is a nonionic water-soluble cellulose ether with Klucel HPC is soluble in many polar organic solvents and in water below.

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HME process also aided in enhancing tabletting properties and imparted a plastic character to tablets.

The classical hardness testing registers force required for a tablet to fail break under applied diametrical force between two anvils. Gereg of Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals for the generous loan of tabletting punches and fixture used in compactibility studies. HPC enhances the dissolution process by increasing the wettability, surface area, and also aids in stabilization of amorphous KPR The extruded rods were pelletized to yield kluxel pellets utilizing a pelletizer Type L, Thermoscientific, Stone, UK.

Extrudates were evaluated for any recrystallization that might have occurred at the end of storage time points.

Import Data and Price of klucel lf pharm hydroxypropylcellulose | Zauba

With a decrease in molecular weight of HPC, compactibility and plasticity increase with a consequential decrease in elasticity Lg of mannitol significantly aided the extrusion and pelletizing process in these formulations. Physical stability evaluation performed using XRD and DSC studies confirmed physical stability of the model drug, suggesting applicability of HPC in stabilizing amorphous forms by forming solid solutions.

Drug Discov Today [Rev] ; 12 23— The release obtained from pellets was carrier-dependent and not drug-dependent, and hence, such a system can be effectively utilized to address solubility or precipitation issues with poorly soluble drugs in the gastrointestinal environment.

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It has been observed that such hydrophilic polymers solubilize at a faster rate leaving behind a super lv drug in the media resulting in solution-mediated phase conversion Physicochemical properties and mechanism of drug release from ethyl cellulose matrix tablets prepared by direct compression and hot-melt extrusion.

This conversion is a drug-related attribute and beyond the scope of this research work. Klucel polymers with a wide range of molecular weights can be appropriately selected to tailor such release. Solid dispersion of poorly water-soluble drugs: This densification leads to a delayed disintegration and also decreased surface area.

Physical mechanical and tablet formation properties of hydroxypropylcellulose: Recrystallization and precipitation in these polymers or in the gastrointestinal tract can be controlled by use of crystallization inhibitors 11 or modifying the release to prevent supersaturation, while maintaining a concentration that would result in bioavailability enhancement 12 They were stored in nitrogen-filled plastic bags kpucel a refrigerator until further evaluation.

Drug and excipients were evaluated for thermal stability at high temperatures. We have also made an attempt to explain dissolution mechanisms that play a significant role in solubility enhancement. As per Higuchi matrix model, release from a matrix occurs by dissolution and diffusion of one component through the other Improving drug solubility for oral delivery using solid dispersions.

Klucel™ Hydroxypropylcellulose

KPR on melting exhibits a tacky nature and cannot be lc on its own without a matrix. However, extruded blends were found to be more compressible compared with un-extruded formulations.

Compressibility, Compactibility, and Tabletability profiles as described by Tye et al. Leuner C, Dressman J.

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Formulations comprising MNT exhibited a similar smooth texture which was dispersed with crystalline mannitol. Physicochemical characterization and drug-release properties of celecoxib hot-melt extruded glass solutions. Six replicates were used for all the assay studies.


We have evaluated immediate as well as rapid-release applications of Klucel polymers for solubility enhancement of poorly soluble drugs.

Klucel® Hydroxypropylcellulose LF

Company Ashland is a developer and manufacturer of stabilizers and gums used in the Food, Beverage, and Nutrition industry. Acknowledgments We would like to thank Mr. MNT might have compensated for this decrease in porosity by forming micropores due to its high solubility and also reduced compressibility.

The extrusion process converted crystalline KPR to an amorphous form, dispersing the same in a hydrophilic HPC matrix that resulted in increased dissolution rate. HME also imparted physical properties to extruded systems that contributed toward better tabletting properties.

Precise control of the release rate of a water soluble medicine by using the solid dispersion method applying the difference in the molecular weight of a polymer.

Influence of plasticizers and drugs on klicel physical-mechanical properties of hydroxypropylcellulose films prepared by hot melt kluce. HME was utilized to intimately mix the components into a homogenous matrix. Stabilization of amorphous forms can be achieved by forming solid solutions that either prevent molecular mobility by forming glassy solutions, or stabilize it by molecular interactions, such as hydrogen bonding between the component systems.

Solubility enhancement of poorly soluble drugs is an extensively researched area in the current pharmaceutical industry.