This slim volume is composed of the last twelve lectures Capablanca delivered before his death in The lectures include some chess fundamentals and were delivered by short- wave radio to a Latin American audience shortly before the author’s death in Below is our translation of an improvised lecture given by Capablanca at the Club de Comunicaciones de Prado in Cuba on 25 May The full transcription.

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This is what is generally called position, the most important thing being to obtain a dominating position.

Naturally in the middle game, in order to obtain positional strength, time is often of great importance, since an attack can depend upon placing a piece at a particular point at a certain moment, before the opponent can prepare his defense.

As an example, so that you can appreciate the importance of the positions and principles that I have been explaining, Lecgures am going to show lasst an opening which has been played for many centuries.

Andrea added it Oct 01, It may be that the latter require a little help, but the others undoubtedly need it much more. It should never be left forgotten on the back rank, but should be advanced as much as possible as the pieces are liquidated and the board is cleared.

Endgames are essential for it is there that most strong masters are weak; that is to say, this phase of the game is not studied with the same attention as the others. But the main point is not the value itself in relation to pawns. I have shown you this opening and variation because it was played for many years.


Last Lectures The Chess Legacy of Jose Raoul Capablanca by José Raúl Capablanca

Mai Reda marked it as to-read Apr 09, Many players sometimes become annoyed because they lose, but one learns more by losing than by winning. It should not be abandoned unless compensation is obtained. In such games one can see the advantages of the endgame principles I have been explaining. Each week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert.

Last Lectures The Chess Legacy of Jose Raoul Capablanca

Anyone wishing to progress in chess must consider the game as a whole that may be divided into three parts. Here the element of mobility is of great value and, combined with the element of time, leads to certain victory. Arya Samimi marked it as to-read Oct 06, And they lose because they have studied the openings badly without learning them or because they have not studied them in depth. I do not wish to explain to you all the variations which can occur, because that would be a difficult task and, as I have already mentioned, you can find them in any number of books, and I believe that the most important thing is to know the general outline of the purpose of the openings.

And finally, when you are, so to speak, bored with studying these phases, then is the time to begin studying the openings, for the openings are simply the beginning of the game and must lead to one of the other two phases. Open Preview See a Problem?

Please provide an email address. You will have seen that very often openings of this kind are played directly or indirectly: Ron Hopper added it Jan 29, If Black loses time and does not do so, White will have a clear, strong advantage.


After the endgames my book deals with a series of middle-game positions which are likely to occur in any game and which serve as a model for achieving the desired result. Randy rated it really liked it Mar 02, Alberto rated it really liked it May 24, But they should do this as a means of developing their imagination, not in the belief that this is a better way of playing. In other words, one should not, for instance, sacrifice a pawn in order to retain a bishop against a knight.

The first is the phase to which the majority of people devote the most time and study: Eleven years ago I wrote a book, and instead of starting, as all books do, with the opening, I began with the ending, believing that was the proper place to start. I should like to conclude by recommending you to use your imagination as much as possible; a player has to lose many games if he is to progress.

The center of the board comprises the four squares K4, Q4, K5 and Q5 from each side, which are the focal point of all openings. It is generally preferable to have a bishop against a knight, but any sacrifice made to achieve this would be a mistake. Paperbackpages.