LIBER Its Origin, Purposes, and Program of Services By CHARLES DANA DEAN, F. R. C. BOOK Fi.t Edition, February, Second Edition, April, Liber , The Celestial Sanctum: This podcast is a reading of the booklet Liber , The Celestial Sanctum, read by Grand Master Julie Scott. Liber , The Celestial Sanctum [Supreme Grand Lodge of the Ancient & Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (AMORC)] on *FREE* shipping on.

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In the East of this Sanctum our members will find a beautiful alter in a magnificent apse, illuminated by violet light of Cosmic vibrations. In his creative imaginings, he made the plans for his Cathedral on so magnificent a scale that the portals to its grand halls would be wide enough for the millions of beings in all parts of the world to enter at one time easily and reverently. In this Celestial Sanctum, provision has been made for a Cosmic Choir where the voices of specially prepared members of our organization here in America, and in other lands, will be heard at times chanting and singing the sacred anthems that have been composed by inspired Masters of our organization in the past.

Accordingly, the announcement has been made. The more sincere and sacred the desire, or the more intense the momentary need, the quicker will be the contact. I have taken the liberty to change the name in the manuscript below to conform to the present name.

Considerable time has been given to the preparation of these instructions to make sure that every point that might be given to our members has been included.

Originally posted by RadioKnecht This is really interesting. There are those today aamorc have passed on from this earthly life who were happy in the many contacts they made with our Imperator in the years that he enjoyed their cooperation.

Some Masonic writers including Albert Pike have believed that Masons and Rosicrucians are the same thing. If necessary the department will refer them to the Imperator. It’s sort of the same with Kabbalah. Rosicrucian – Mandami – As a symbol of the Celestial Sanctum we have adopted a picture shown in this pamphlet, drawn by the pen of H. This is really interesting.

Originally posted by mblahnikluver reply to post by hawk We have known also that he found a way to reach beyond the consciousness of self into the consciousness of the Cosmic, and there dwell for moments of time ljber find inspiration, illumination, and contact with hundreds who were being slowly and properly prepared to meet him there.

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In the monthly magazine called the Rosicrucian Digest we shall publish in a separate place on one of the pages, a department devoted to the Celestial Sanctum, so that all our members, in whatever part of the world they may reside, may know of its various activities and special convocations.

Many Masons will say they have no hidden agenda, but I have serious doubts. So mote it be! There will be alcoves and small chapels on each side of the Sanctum nave, in which the individual members may dwell alone, in silent meditation and prayer, seeking peace and consolation in times of suffering and anguish.

Some of these convocations will be for worship, others aamorc be for instruction, and still others for healing treatments.

This is the emblem of the Cosmic Trinity. May you have Peace Profound. First, we shall wash our hands in clean water and dry them well as a symbol of the amoorc of our bodies to enter the Sanctum.

Liberamorc | Mystery | Pinterest | Celestial and Mystery

The reason we get such a bad rap is that there are nearly 4 million of us in this country and a lodge in virtually every town. Then we shall sit in silence in some place in the home where we may be alone, whether in amorcc dark or in the light, and closing our eyes, we shall say this brief prayer in soundless words: The mastership of his development and the attainment of his spiritual growth are evident in akorc word and phrase of that brief announcement. It was his constant desire that amoc day might come when he could have with him in these periods of Cosmic contact the companionship of those thousands of worthy souls who looked to him for direction in progressing along the Path that would lead to the Cosmic Kingdom.

Sanctum, and Commune in pureness and worthiness.

All through the years liner tohe selected those advanced and prepared initiates of the brotherhood who could help him in his creation. Serafine Anthony Lemos, F. The Pelican on the Rosy Cross [edit on by aamorc. The following text so splendidly defines the purpose of the Celestial Sanctum, and pays tribute to its conceiver, that it has not been altered, except to relate it to the present needs of members and those who desire to avail themselves of akorc noble features.

Do Rosicrucians have anything to do with masons? In the midst of visualization, when you are creating the Sanctum in your mind, as you want it to look, using Dr. The same rumors seem to be absent with the Rosicrucian’s. Originally posted by zzombie Do the Rosicrucian’s have a hidden agenda?? It is not lkber secret society as much as it is a set of ideals and knowledge.


Therefore, by watching the pages of the Rosicrucian Digest each month liver members, in any degree or in any part of the work, may take advantage of any special periods that may be stated therein, and attune themselves with the Celestial Sanctum and enjoy its beatitudes and beneficent blessings.

Freemasonry recognizes its own Rosicrucian degrees and societies. The method of making the contact is more or less an individual one with each member and all we can do is to tell you the general method, libed have you work out your own process and thereby earn as well as learn The Way to the Celestial Sanctum. It introduces the Celestial Sanctum, inspiring creation of Dr. After you study this manuscript, you will be able to start attuning with the Celestial Sanctum.

Rosicrucian leaked secret documents

It takes time, patience, and some spiritual development to first contact the Sanctum. Remember that you are using attunment, meditation and visualization. Lewis, has assumed the mantle of the Cosmic labors of the Celestial Sanctum, and directs its current program of activities. No matter when you may wish to contact and enter the silence of the Celestial Sanctum, you will prepare yourselves, use Prayer, and find others dwelling there in spiritual thought and Holy Communion.

First, familiarize yourself with amord, click here, amofc with egregore, click here.

Nobody had ever heard of it until Madonna. On certain days of each week there will be various convocations held in this great Sanctum by the coming together of the minds of thousands of our members attuned throughout the world to this focalized and centralized area librr Cosmic Consciousness.

In other words, just because A. After years of dreaming and planning, and many years of labor and extreme mental effort, always looking toward the day when he could make such an announcement, it was typical of him and his nature to do so with conservatism, and with restrained joy and happiness. Rosecrucian connection is the hidden Wolfgang in the catholic and protestant church.